Maria Reinhard Studio
Creating Fine Art

Maria Reinhard

Art is all around us, in everything we see,  hear, taste and feel.  It is whatever we want it to be.  The colours, shapes, designs, compositions, subjects - they delight us and they surround us all.

How each one of us interprets what we see is unique to each and every one.  Our Creator has blessed us with so many forms of expression.  He has given us the ability to transform any one of his already perfect creations into our own, to shape as a form of our individual expression.  I have chosen to create beauty by painting.  I hope you enjoy investigating my creations as much as I do making them.  Thank you for visiting my site. 


About the Artist:

Serious study in art started immediately after high school, when an early desire to draw and create sent me to Dawson College in Montreal, the Commercial Arts Program.  However, my life dictated that my love for art be interrupted by a career in purchasing, marketing and sales.  I discovered recently that indulging my passion for drawing and painting has proven to be my personal therapy, an emotional release from the stress of the business world. 

My attraction to colour and the desire to create something subjective, intriguing and stimulating pushed me back into the art world.  What intrigues me most is the effect of light as well as the contrasts in nature:  sunlight streaming through trees, so penetrating that it pierces the dense foliage and finds a solitary spot on the forest floor, warming and illuminating hidden life;  rays of light gleaming on water, reflecting a myriad of colours, or blinding snow on a chill winter day with all its' shadows;  the fashionable flowers we pick and place in vases, whose scent we can only imagine when enjoying the artists' impression or trying to capture the personality of our animal friends with their energy harnessed for one motionless moment on canvas.

I live just outside of Montreal, Quebec, in Saint Lazare where there are plenty of trees and horses; two of my favourite things!